Best Dog Clippers for Long Haired Dogs

Best Dog Clippers For Long Haired Dogs [Top 4 for 2023]

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What could be more beautiful than a long-haired dog with a perfectly sculpted coat? Well-tempered, friendly, and obedient long-haired dog breeds like the St. Bernard and Golden Retriever can really look the part. Grooming is a big deal with this particular class of dogs because of their thick coats.

For your pet to look neat and tidy, you must consider the best dog clippers for long-haired dogs to get the job done. We found the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series to be a standout machine. No matter what type of dog, owners swear by its grunt and versatility when grooming their best buddies.

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Best Dog Clippers for Long Haired Dogs Reviews 2023

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The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series doesn’t have a cord. Moreover, it charges quickly and vibrates silently and will make those grooming sessions delightful enough. Dogs are not usually keen on their grooming. Most times, our pets will try to skip getting a shave. If you have a corded machine, you might injure yourself as they tangle about with the cable.

Wahl is a recognized grooming company the world over and makes long-lasting clippers. The Wahl Lithium-Ion Pro’s highlight is its battery. The machine will work for up to two hours after a quick charger. The clipper, nevertheless, is a bit bulky and can be strenuous after prolonged use.

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Additionally, the Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers features a stainless steel fixed blade as well as a moveable ceramic one. The result is a long-lasting hair trimmer that’ll see you groom generations of your best friend. These high-quality materials also rank the device as one of the best dog clippers for long-haired dogs.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get a clipper packed with features within your budget, and some owners might even consider human clippers. While the Oneisall dog shaver is easy on your budget, the clippers might not work with extra thick fur.

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The Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Clipper can run at an incredible 4400 strokes per minute. Not only will you have significantly shorter grooming sessions, but matted dog fur will cease to matter in the face of the UltraEdge.

Besides the power in the Andis clipper, the motor is long-lasting and can shave off dog fur with different multi-speed configurations. However, despite its impressive power, it is a pretty hefty machine, and the heavy-duty cord adds to this bulk.

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The Andis Pro Clip Super 2-Speed runs on a pair of speed modes driven by a superior rotating motor. At high speed, the blades will spin at 4000 strokes per minute, allowing you a short grooming session. Besides saving you precious time, the power unit ensures that you can groom long-haired dogs like poodles.

The superior motor fitted in this Andis clipper lowers noise levels during operation. Additionally, it has the UltraEdge#10 Blade, which ensures your clipper’s durability.

On the flipsides, however, it is a corded device. If your pet doesn’t like to sit still, and you can do nothing about it, then you’re better off getting a cordless clipper.  

Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Clippers For Long-Haired Dogs

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Corded or Cordless

A machine with a cord needs to be connected to a power outlet when operating. Therefore, you cannot groom your dog on the go. However, they are a lot more potent with robust motors since there is no need to compromise on battery life.

Dogs with matted fur are best suited for such powerful and ultimately corded machines to ensure the motor works effectively from start to finish.


Cordless dog clippers often weigh more because they come bundled with a rechargeable battery, whereas cordless variants do not.

If you are working on a smaller dog, you can discount the weight issue. However, grooming can be quite a chore if you’re using a heavy machine on a similarly sizeable long-haired dog.

Machines with high-quality parts like stainless steel are often quieter. Noise and vibrations are critical to any dog grooming session because, let’s face it, dogs hate loud noises.

Single vs Multiple Speeds

Single-speed clippers run without heating up for longer. However, they don’t have the same grunt needed for the heavy stuff. With multiple speeds, however, you can work on the tricky regions like their genitals without heating the blade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which dog clipper brand is better, Andis or Wahl?

Andis is commonly used among pet owners as they are dependable and long-lasting. However, Wahl makes decent machines as well. However, the latter’s strength is in their cordless clippers. Wahl clippers have durable lithium-ion batteries in a neat package that is versatile to use.

How can you decide on a dog clipper to use?

Not all hair clippers cut the same. Consider your dog’s fur characteristics like fur length and whether it gets matted or not. There are clippers tailored for use on long-haired dogs like the Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed.

For short-haired pups, you won’t need a powerful motor, same as for breeds with a fine coat such as the Golden Retriever.

Can you use human clippers on a dog?

The appropriate answer would be no, as human clippers go on human hair. However, there are instances where human clippers can work on dog fur. In this case, you must have a short-haired dog and preferably one with a single coat as well for the clipper to prove useful. Human clippers often get hot quite fast, and if your dog is large, things are bound to get uncomfortable eventually. Overall, we still recommend that you don’t use human clippers to groom your dog.

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