Best Dog Grooming Scissors 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

11 Best Dog Grooming Scissors 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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A DIY dog grooming session can be time consuming and difficult work, but it’s certainly very rewarding.

Plus, it gives that extra time to bond with your four-legged friend. (Not that they’re going to love you more for it, mind you!)

If you are planning to start grooming your dog at home, you’ll certainly want to invest in high quality and dedicated tools.

One of the first things to do is invest in the best dog grooming scissors kit that fits your budget. Once you find adequate grooming scissors, be sure to come back and check out our top picks for the best grooming tables, gloves, and brushes. They are going to make your grooming sessions as comfortable as possible, both for you and your furry friend.

Whether it’s dog grooming thinning scissors or the more standard straight or curved scissors, there are plenty of choices available for virtually any budget. High-end dog grooming scissors such as Kingstar 7-Inch Titanium Dog Grooming Set are fully constructed in high-quality stainless steel. They usually have razor sharp edges to give the best all-round performance. Note, however, that you have to be extra careful with those!

Choosing the best dog grooming scissors means you can tailor your grooming sessions to your dog’s specific needs and make sure the entire process is safe and comfortable.

Grooming Scissors for Dogs – A Comparison

Our list of dog grooming scissors offers a great selection of tools to enable you to efficiently, firmly and gently trim your dog’s coat.

Having a professional pet grooming kit is not an imperative, but it’s definitely a pro! You’ll enjoy the best all-round cut that will leave your dog happy, healthy, and looking great.

I would personally be just fine with low quality scissors if they didn’t pull the dog s hair! That makes a dog distressed. As if the stress of clipping their nails weren’t enough! ?

Top Picks for Grooming
Best Overall
7.0in Titanium Professional dog Grooming Scissors set,Straight & Thinning & Curved scissors 4pcs set for Dog grooming (Bright black)
Best for Everyday Grooming
Kenchii Scorpion Shears (8" Curve)
Budget Option
LIVINGO Professional Pet Grooming Scissors for Cats & Dogs, Titanium Coated Safe Rounded Tip and Micro Serrated Trimming Shears for Animal Face, Nose, Ear and Paw Hair, 2 Pack 6.5 inch
Kingstar 7-Inch Titanium Dog Grooming Set
Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears
Livingo Professional Pet Grooming Scissors
A set of 4 razor sharp dog scissors and shears. Great for head-to-tail DIY grooming!
Very handy if you've never groomed your pooch at home before. Comfy for you and them alike!
The delicate works will be very dog-friendly and user-friendly with these two pairs of scissors.
Best Overall
Top Picks for Grooming
7.0in Titanium Professional dog Grooming Scissors set,Straight & Thinning & Curved scissors 4pcs set for Dog grooming (Bright black)
Kingstar 7-Inch Titanium Dog Grooming Set
A set of 4 razor sharp dog scissors and shears. Great for head-to-tail DIY grooming!
More Info
Best for Everyday Grooming
Top Picks for Grooming
Kenchii Scorpion Shears (8" Curve)
Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears
Very handy if you've never groomed your pooch at home before. Comfy for you and them alike!
More Info
Budget Option
Top Picks for Grooming
LIVINGO Professional Pet Grooming Scissors for Cats & Dogs, Titanium Coated Safe Rounded Tip and Micro Serrated Trimming Shears for Animal Face, Nose, Ear and Paw Hair, 2 Pack 6.5 inch
Livingo Professional Pet Grooming Scissors
The delicate works will be very dog-friendly and user-friendly with these two pairs of scissors.
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Top Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews 2024

As a basic rule, a dog grooming kit or scissors at the low end of the market are practical for rough cutting. The scissors in the mid-range are a viable option for the part-time or at-home groomers. Finally, the top-end scissors are certain to appeal to professional groomers who plan to trim several dogs on a daily basis.

The best dog grooming scissors should be relatively easy to use. With a little practice and know-how, you will be able to brush and trim your dog in much the same way a professional would. Over time it is certainly possible to make your dog happy, healthy, and looking better at home.

Moreover, your dog will certainly be much more relaxed if the scarry work isn’t done by a stranger!

Here is our list of the best dog grooming scissors on the market:

Best Overall
Kingstar 7-Inch Titanium Dog Grooming Set
Kingstar 7-Inch Titanium Dog Grooming Set
A set of 4 razor sharp dog scissors and shears. Great for head-to-tail DIY grooming!

The Kingstar 7-Inch Titanium Dog Grooming Set is not the most widely known set out there. That won’t stop us from declaring it the top dog grooming set, though!

That’s because it gives you everything you need. There are mid-length straight scissors for the rougher work. When you get rid of the bulk of coat, use the thinning shears as well as up-curved and down-curved scissors to reach all areas easily. All of them are 7 inches in length, which is suitable for most breeds.

If your pooch has a meowy sibling, the set will do great work on both.

(Just make sure to wear gloves. Not grooming gloves, mind you. You’ll need a pair of heavy-duty gloves for hand and arm protection. Cats really hate having a haircut.)

Better yet, the set provides excellent value for the money. No need to bother looking for four different types of scissors with a 4-in-1 solution of consistent quality.

Product Highlights

  • 4-in-1 solution
  • Great value for the money
  • 3 months unconditional return
  • Suitable for dogs and cats alike
  • They come in a protective case
Best for Everyday Grooming
Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears
Kenchii Scorpion Grooming Shears
Very suitable if you've never groomed your pooch at home before. Comfy for you and them alike!

For the price, the 8-Inch Curved Scorpion Grooming Shears by Kenchii is certain to make a very appealing option for a first-time or professional dog groomer.

The grooming stainless steel scissors are sent pre-sharpened for instant and convenient use, and the blade has the potential to stay sharp for the long-term.

The handles are ergonomically designed to make the scissors very comfortable to use and even include a molded finger rest.

Beyond the 8-inch grooming shears, they are also available in other sizes, including 7 inches and 9 inches.

Buying the right size of shears will help to tailor your cutting action to the size of your dog.

Product Highlights

  • Durable and long-lasting bevel edge
  • Precise cutting action
  • Comfortable to use with an ergonomically designed handle and finger rest
  • Practical for high volume cuts in a professional environment
Best Budget Option
Livingo Professional Pet Grooming Scissors
Livingo Professional Pet Grooming Scissors
The delicate works will be very dog-friendly and user-friendly with these two pairs of scissors.

Nicely made and very affordable, the Livingo Dog Grooming Scissors Set is perfect for at-home haircuts and touch-ups to maintain your dog’s looks between salon visits.

They are high-quality blades in a durable, rust free stainless-steel which has the potential to last for a good number of years. A clean, smooth cut is achieved time after time because of the micro-serrated edges.

The micro serrated blades help minimize issues with hair sliding between the blades or hair pulling.

A great safety feature is the rounded tipped head, which is useful for the first-time groomers and will minimize the risk of inadvertently hurting your dog.

The ergonomically designed handle is easy and comfortable to grip and does not leave the fingers feeling achy even after a long grooming session.

This grooming set is packaged with a 6-inch close work safety shears for the paws/face and a 7-inch shears for coat trimming and styling.

Product Highlights

  • Mirco-serrated stainless steel blades
  • Round tipped ends for extra safety
  • Ergonomic wave handle with finger extension for extra support
  • Well-balanced and solid built
  • Great for touch ups and small areas
Best for Beginners
Dream Reach Stainless Steel Set
Dream Reach Stainless Steel Set
An all-inclusive set for trimming your dog s coat as frequently as you need!

Great for beginners, Dream Reach’s 4-piece 7-Inch Stainless Steel Set is a great choice for first-time dog groomers who are just starting out at home, as well as professional groomers.

This shear kit comes with high-quality, stainless-steel tools including a pet grooming comb, cat curve scissor, dog thinning scissor, and dog straight edge scissors.

This is an all-inclusive set with the ability to complete your pet’s all-round grooming needs. And thankfully, the scissors have been built with comfort in mind.

They have the ergonomically styled thumb rings, finger rests, and handles to provide maximum comfort when you groom a dog at home.

A useful tension control knob makes it easy to adjust the scissors to match your needs and ensure a smooth scissoring action time after time. Plus, they are precision weighted to give a perfect feel, weight, and balance.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable tension control knob
  • Precision weighted
  • Very sharp, durable and smooth
  • Ergonomically designed to suit the dog’s grooming needs
Best for Stubborn Tangles
Rubold Professional Dog Grooming Set
Rubold Professional Dog Grooming Set
Key features include versatility - you can use them as human scissors too! Great value for the price!

Perfect for trimming every dog, this 3-Piece Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set by Rubold is perfect for both detailing and trimming.

Whether you are an enthusiast dog owner or a professional groomer, these tools are pre-sharpened and well-balanced to make it relatively easy to bring out the true beauty in your dog.

This grooming set is packaged with a 7 inch curved down scissor, a 6-inch thinning scissor and a 6 inch round tip scissors for trimming.

These high-quality scissors are manufactured in premium grade stainless steel to guarantee all-round performance and the ability to cut thick dog hair and stubborn tangles.

The scissors have an adjustable screw to simplify the process of fine tuning the blade tightness. Also, for extra safety when it comes to grooming sensitive areas (paws, eyes, ears, nose, face, etc.) the scissors have rounded end tips.

Product Highlights

  • Adjustable screw to fine tune the cutting action
  • Pre-sharpened and ready to use out of the box
  • Great for all grooming; detailing, touch ups, spot-trimming, etc.
  • High-quality stainless-steel
Best Dog Shears
Klngstar 7-Inch Professional Razor Edge
Klngstar 7-Inch Professional Razor Edge
Use these shears on your dog or cat to trim all of their body hair. 440C Japanese stainless steel quality!

Works wonderfully, the 7-Inch Personality Design Pet Grooming Chunker Shears by Klngstar are a practical solution for trimming all areas of your dog.

These right-handed grooming scissors/shears are part of the Professional Razor Edge Series.

They are solidly built-in 440C grade stainless steel to increase the ability to provide long-lasting and durable performance.

The sleek design of the scissors helps to minimize the common issue of hairs getting caught between the blades, which can annoy and unsettle your dog.

Also, the scissors are well-balanced to give the most desirable feel, weight, and cutting action.

Whether you are trying to maintain your dog’s coat at home or a professional groomer, the Kingstar branded tools are certain to give a very appealing option.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality 440C stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle to reduce fatigue
  • Fast cutting action
  • Very sharp blade that retains its sharpness for the long-term
Best Grip
Purple Dragon 7-inch Pet Hair Cutting Scissor
Purple Dragon 7-inch Pet Hair Cutting Scissor
The 45 degree cutting angle makes these thinning scissors very comfy both for yourself and your doggo!

Works great, the 7-inch Pet Grooming Hair Cutting Scissor by Purple Dragon is very strong, functional, and durable. But their greatest strength is that they are ambidextrous. It means you’ll have no trouble using them as a left- or right-handed person!

They are a practical grooming tool for the at-home DIY groomer or professional pet groomer.

The 440C grade stainless steel construction means they are able to give long-term use and performance.

The scissors are designed with a 45-degree cutting angle to help provide the most comfortable grooming session and will lower the risk of causing any harm or distress to your dog.

This set of scissors by Purple Dragon is engineered with an ergonomically shaped handle and grip to make the scissors very comfortable to handle. Also, this hand-friendly design will help to lower the risk of hand fatigue.

Product Highlights

  • Very strong and durable
  • Ambidextrous (yay!)
  • High-quality construction
  • Practical 45-degree cutting angle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Well-balanced
  • Sharp blade to give faster cutting action
  • Great for DIY home use and professional grooming
Best for Sensitive Areas
Lilys Pet 8-Inch Curved Shears
Lilys Pet 8-Inch Curved Shears
Use this dog grooming scissor to shear your pet’s hips, legs, head, or other sensitive areas.

Forming part of the brands high-end series, the 8-Inch 440C Pet Grooming Curved Scissor by Lilys Pet is a set of right-handed and curved scissors practical for both the first-timer and professional groomer.

This set of scissors is most practical for grooming legs, hips and head to achieve the sleek and tidy look.

They are manufactured in high-end 440C Japanese stainless steel and include a delicate silencer and screw lock.

For the most accurate cutting performance, the blade is extremely sharp and includes a useful 45 degree cutting angle.

Also, they are well-balanced and engineered to give the most comfortable grip that will not leave you feeling fatigued after each grooming session.

A pair of grooming scissors with an ergonomically curved design is a must-have feature for the professional groomers because it will lower the risk of repetitive motion injury.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality construction in stainless steel
  • Rainbow color
  • Curved design for better cutting action
  • Great price range
Best for Whole Body
Lilys Pet 10-Inch Pet Grooming Scissors
Lilys Pet 10-Inch Pet Grooming Scissors
Razor sharp titanium coated stainless steel blades that will work equally well with large and small breeds.

Great quality scissors, the 10-Inch Pet Grooming Cutting Scissors by Lilys Pet are very sharp, very hard metal, and give the very precise cut.

This grooming scissor is a practical option for the right-handed pet groomer (at-home DIY or professional) and an extremely useful option to cut and shape the entire body of your dog.

The high-quality stainless steel construction means the scissors are built to last and give the long-lasting cutting action and performance.

The well engineered and ergonomically curved design of the scissors is very comfortable to hand and will not cause fatigue even after the long grooming session.

Additionally, this pair of Lilys Pet scissors in this high-end series is also available in 7 inch, 8 inch and 9 inch sizes.

Product Highlights

  • Great for trimming the whole body hair
  • High-end 440C stainless steel
  • Very sharp blade
  • Cutting angle of 45 degrees
  • Ergonomically curved thumb hole
Best for Safety
Pets First Pet Grooming Scissors Set
Pets First Pet Grooming Scissors Set
A pair of dog scissors with rounded tips for every hair type - be it curly, wiry, thick or thin!

Very sharp edge and strong, the Pets First Pet Grooming Scissors is a very practical option to give your pet a regular at-home grooming session.

You’ll get a pair of long scissors for de-furring your little sheep, plus a pair of small scissors for the delicate areas and works. The finger holes have rests to make them easy to use and minimize fatigue. Best of all, these scissors work great on dogs and cats!

What I like best about this set, however, are the rounded tips for safety. If your doggo is one of those furballs that refuse to settle down, these tips will reduce the risk of hurting them.

The smaller pair of scissors will allow you to work your way around the nose, paws, and ears. These scissors are designed with safety in mind!

Product Highlights

  • High-grade stainless steel that is protected to avoid rusting
  • Very sharp edge out of the box
  • Comfortable handles with finger rests
  • Two pairs for rough and delicate work
  • Rounded tips for safety
Best Chunker Scissors
Purple Dragon 8-Inch Shears
Purple Dragon 8-Inch Shears
One of the best all in one grooming sets, with thinning shears, curved scissors, cleaning cloth, and a scissor bag.

Very nice workmanship, this Professional-Grade Dog Chunker Shears by Purple Dragon is a high-quality piece of kit that is perfect for the professional pet groomer or at-home DIY groomer.

This shear is manufactured in 440C Japanese stainless steel resulting in a very strong, functional, and durable tool.

A cutting angle of 45° makes it possible to achieve the smooth and precise cuts that are delicate and will not pull on your dog’s coat.

The handles are engineered to be extremely comfortable and help minimize the strain and discomfort that comes with using a pair of scissors for an extended period of time.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality 440C grade stainless-steel
  • Great design balance that helps to reduce fatigue
  • Very sharp to help achieve faster cutting action
  • Useful for DIY home use and professional grooming
  • Very nice workmanship

Things to Consider When Buying Scissors for Dog Grooming

best dog grooming scissors

If you are looking to buy the most effective dog grooming scissors on the market, there are a few important things that are worth considering.

Rounded Tips

The preferable dog grooming scissors for a first timer are those with a round tip. This type of scissors is a lot safer to use and minimizes the risk of accidentally harming or poking your dog with the sharp end of the scissors.

While there are plenty of dog grooming scissors whose key features include the rounded tip, there are also plenty that are straight. That requires more care and attention when in use.

Stainless Steel Blade

best dog grooming shears

Similar to any type of scissors or blades, you only want to buy the dog grooming scissors with a high-end stainless steel blade. Stainless steel is very strong and durable with the ability to last for the long-term. Plus, it will retain its sharpness for longer to provide the best cuts and minimize the risk of pulling on the dog’s coat. Grooming your dog doesn’t need to become any more distressing than it naturally is!

Also, there are now a few new alloys and other materials, but it is still best to stick with titanium coated stainless steel for the most impressive all-round performance.

Safety first is essential when it comes to grooming to avoid harming your dog, especially when they can suddenly move.

Comfortable Grip

Dog grooming scissors with an ergonomic handle give the most comfortable holding positions. The most comfortable grip allows you to use the scissors for longer without feeling any noticeable signs of fatigue. A pair of scissors with the comfort rubber grips or ergonomic grip is the most appealing option. A typical grooming session can take a while, so the more hand-friendly the scissors are, the better.

Other comfort-related key features can include the thumb hole or finger rest, which are practical options for those groomers using the scissors on a very regular basis.

Match the Type of Coat

dog grooming scissors

A further point of consideration is to match the scissors to your dog’s particular coat. For instance, there are dogs with hair that is thin but has a lot of volume. Such hair will benefit from dog grooming thinning scissors, while a coarse, rough coat is certain to demand the sharper scissors.

Similar to buying other supplies for your family pets, such as the dog grooming brush, shampoo which is good for sensitive skin, interactive dog toys, or dog collars, you want to look for the high-end products that are much safer, long-lasting, and effective.

Make sure to also figure out the different types of dog grooming. That will also affect your choice of dog grooming scissors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are thinning scissors used for in dog grooming?

As the name implies, thinning scissors are used to thin your pet’s hair, rather then cut it off completely. The cut is made close to the skin and only a portion of the hair strands will be cut.

What are blending scissors used for in dog grooming?

Blenders are used mostly at the final stage of grooming, blending away harsh lines left by straight scissors. Thinning scissors may also be used near the hair ends for a more natural look.

What are chunker scissors?

Chunker scissors have gaps between teeth on one blade. They can be used to give a ‘chunky’ natural appearance at the finish. However, they can take some practice to use well, and therefore they are not recommended for beginner groomers.

How often should you sharpen your dog grooming scissors?

Generally, about every three months, although it depends on how regular the grooming is, the size of the animal(s), and the coarseness of your pet’s fur.

Should you bathe a dog before grooming?

Yes, bathing your pet, and thoroughly drying is a good idea. Clean, debris-free fur will be easier to cut, with less clogging of the scissors. It all results in far less frustration for you and a better end result!

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