Best Training Collar for Siberian Husky

Best Training Collar for Siberian Husky [Top 6 for 2023]

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The Siberian Husky’s intelligent eyes and majestic build give this breed a dignified look. It has a friendly temperament and generally loves being around people. But just like other dogs, it needs to be trained to be a better companion. This breed generally needs firm training from as young as a pup because they have a stubborn streak. The best training collar for a Siberian Husky helps you to safely train your dog, allowing you to fix any upcoming and severe behavioral problems even from a distance.

Our overall best training collar from the list below is the Sportdog Field Trainer because it is tough with excellent features and can be used with multiple dogs. It comes highly recommended by professional dog trainers and veterinarians for Siberian Huskies because it is effective to train their stubborn nature. But if your husky is not stubborn, we have a variety of other training collars that will meet your dog’s needs better.

Let’s dive right in and look at the best training collars for Siberian Huskies and also answer some of the common questions surrounding the topic.

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Best Training Collar for Siberian Husky Reviews 2023

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The Sportdog Field Trainer is an upgraded version of the popular Sportdog SD-425 which works for less stubborn dogs. The construction features DRYTEK technology making both the transmitter and the collar itself waterproof. According to the manufacturer, this collar can be submerged in water up to 25 feet and still be able to transmit a signal.

The features are the main reason why this training collar is so popular. It offers users seven levels of continuous stimulation and another seven levels of momentary stimulation. You can oscillate between the stimulation levels using the thumb dial. The rule of thumb is to use continuous stimulations when your dog is highly distracted by bad behavior like chasing cars or other dogs and momentary stimulation for obedience training of basic commands.

You can customize the training experience further by using either the tone or vibration mode depending on your preference. If you choose to use both modes, just rotate the dial on the transmitter and then push the single button on it.

The construction is ergonomic so that your fingers can reach the controls fast and smoothly. The collar strap is a good fit for dogs with neck sizes of between 5-22 inches. Adjustability is crucial in a training collar to ensure that the dog is never at risk of asphyxiation. This collar features a metal roller buckle to help you adjust it appropriately.

The Sportdog 425s Collar comes with an in-built antenna to help you locate your dog in case you lose sight of them. However, the collar is ideal for close-range obedience and hunting training, so make sure your dog is always within range to be effective. If you have three dogs, the system is expandable, enabling you to train or hunt with multiple dogs while controlling each dog individually.

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The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar is well constructed with excellent technology to help it run effectively remotely. However, to operate it, you need to read the manual that comes with the unit carefully. To turn the collar on, you need to align the two red dots found on the transmitter and receiver. But soon enough, the operation becomes second nature with a few uses.

It comes with a circular, yellow controller that has five buttons, a dial, and an antenna. The five buttons include the power button, a vibration button, a mode-switching button, and two stimulation buttons. The stimulation buttons allow you to choose between continuous and momentary stimulation or a combination of the two. You can customize the stimulation to any of the 100 levels available. The collar is adjustable using the different contact points, and it closes using a metal buckle.

The winning feature on this collar is the range, which is half a mile. ET-400 and ET-800 models have impressive ranges of ¾ to a mile.

This is a one-two dog system that works by delivering a blunt shock to the dog during training. Most people who prefer e-collars do so because the shock is less sharp, therefore less painful and stressful to the dog, and in that regard, this collar does not disappoint. It works even in the low setting, although the zing is barely noticeable. However, at level 12 the stimulation is similar to a firm tap. If your dog is feeling particularly stubborn, you can go up slightly but remember the shock intensifies as you increase the levels. You can also opt to use strong vibrations to get your dog’s attention.

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With the Mighty Paw Dog Collar, you don’t have to worry about spending too much, but you still get an excellent quality collar. Siberian huskies are active working dogs and they can get through many collars if the units are not durable. This inexpensive collar is made with durable material including Neoprene and nylon which can hold up against the daily stress of use by your dog. It features a heavy Velcro strap that is adjustable to fit your pet’s neck.

The overall construction also features buckles and straps in addition to the neoprene and nylon to make it long-lasting. But even with these elements, it remains lightweight on the dog so your furry friend can continue being active even with the collar on. The collar also comes with reflective stitching so that you can see the dog even at night.

This collar is padded with lining to provide excellent cushioning around the neck and it is resistant to odor. It remains fresh without needing to replace it. The collar comes in sizes for small, medium and large dogs, and it is available in grey and black. It attaches to the leash using a D-ring, making it ideal for deterring your dog from misbehaving during a jog, walk or run. When it comes to dimensions, the collar is relatively wide but it is sturdy.

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The Petrainer Waterproof Remote Training Collar is an excellent first collar to own if they are new at training your dog. The primary worry of newbies to dog training is how to safely correct their furry friend’s bad behavior while maintaining control. Using this collar, you can control the dog and also reinforce commands when your pet steps out of line. The overall construction is very durable because it is made from nylon material. The collar is also waterproof.

This unit offers users three modes to work with, meaning it is not complicated to work with during training. But the three modes come with at least 100 customization options, which you can use in vibration or static mode.

To make sure that your dog is always safe, the collar is treated to protect it from overheating so it is always comfortable for the husky. The simple design also eliminates other electrical issues that are common with complicated collars. The soft silicone on the inside of the collar prevents chafing at the points of contact with your pet’s skin. It can fit necks between sizes 6 -25 inches so you can use it for small and medium to large dogs.

The maximum effective range of this dog collar is 330 yards so it can be used outdoors but only in close range training sessions. When not in use, it enters an auto-protection mode where it also saves power. You have the option of using shock, beep, and vibration as the stimulation during training.  It comes with a one year warranty.

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The Blueberry Martingale Collar for Dogs comes in two variations: a regular collar and a customizable option. Both options have the same dimensions and they are also made from similar material, nylon. This makes them durable, ensuring that they do to tear quickly. But most importantly, they do not stretch so the dog is not able to remove their collar once it is in place. Of course, with martingale collars, you have to choose one that slides over the head comfortably.

Because it does not stretch the dog, it provides control over the dog without choking. Typically, martingale collars work by stretching and becoming tighter, which can be extremely uncomfortable for the dog: But not with this option.

This collar features the traditional martingale design which has two loops, one large and another small one. The smaller loop determines how tight the collar gets but it doesn’t stretch the main one in this model, making it safer than other martingale collars on the market. The design is plain but the collar comes in a variety of colors to choose from. If you opt for the customizable option, you will notice it has embroidery while the regular collar doesn’t.

For adjustability, the collar is fitted with a tri-glide. The tri-glide is hard plastic so it is durable. It also has a leash ring made from metal and three D-rings. The leash goes into the last D-ring on the end of the martingale loop, and the other two are used to join the main loop and the martingale loop. This collar is easy to use and easy to clean and maintain.

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PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar is designed by a trainer and comes highly recommended by vets because it is gentle yet effective in controlling dogs that like to pull. Siberian Huskies are natural sled dogs, so they love to pull and this can become a problematic behavior when they decide to pull away from you during a walk or jog.  This headcollar redirects the trajectory of your dog by putting pressure on pain-free points on the head.

It works effectively on even the most determined pullers, jumpers, and lungers. It comes with a padded neoprene loop for when the nose tightens should your dog begins to pull, placing pressure on the back of the neck where it fastens. This is safer than the head collars that fasten around the throat, causing the dog to choke and cough when you redirect their heads.

The nose loop and neck strap are easy to wear and take off within a matter of minutes. The manufacturer made sure of this because dogs can easily get agitated when they have foreign objects near their face and head. And even when it is in place the dog is still able to eat, drink, play fetch and bark. Both the nose loop and neck strap are adjustable. Plus, you do not have to worry about the size of the dog when using this collar.

What to Consider When Buying a Training Dog Collar for a Siberian Husky

Siberian husky wearing a training collar on a snowy field

Stimulation Modes

The collar needs to have different stimulations modes allowing you to choose the one that works for your dog’s needs. At least three different stimulation modes should be the minimum. Always start the training using the least threatening mode first and build up only when necessary and in a measured way.

Consider a collar that has sound, vibration, light, and shock stimulation. This delays using shock stimulation as you have more options to work with.

Effective Range

A long-range is an important consideration because it allows you to control the pet over long distances. You can better control your dog even when they are a bit far away from you. 500 yards is a great range to begin with, but it is okay if the range extends even further. A range of 500 yards and less is ideal if you are teaching obedience to your dog, while longer ranges are effective if you are reinforcing learned behavior.

If you are looking for a training collar for obedience training, or to train your dog to hunt, consider one with a shorter range. This is because such training takes place in close proximity with the dog and you want to establish authority and trust with the dog. However, if your dog waits to be out of your sight to get up to mischief, a long-range collar works better. When you spot your pet misbehaving, you can use a shock collar by using continuous stimulation to remind them that you are still watching.

This approach reminds your dog to adhere to the correct behavior they have already learned, whether you are physically present or not. But it is crucial that you actually see your dog engaging in bad behavior to use the stimulation. Do not assume or use the shock collar without cause.


Siberian husky running

Huskies are outdoor dogs, so they will be out in the elements where they come into contact with water and moisture. The collar should be waterproof at least to stay effective even when the dog is out working. These dogs also love to play in puddles.


Make sure that the material used is durable and also easy to clean and maintain. Huskies are boisterous dogs that are involved in different activities that can make the collar dirty. Maintenance is key to keeping the collar working for longer and effectively.

Most of the collars highlighted above are made with easy to maintain material like nylon, neoprene, and lining that is odor resistant. It is imperative to always choose materials that can withstand multiple washes as well as slobber and the pulling effect of a leash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use shock collars on huskies?

There has been a lot of controversy about shock stimulation as a way of training any type of dog, but experts like dog trainers and vets both agree that it is a safe method. This is because shock collars have been approved after undergoing rigorous tests and standards checks.  Also, the shocks delivered to the dog are mild, even at higher settings.

Shock stimulation is also highly effective because the stimuli remind the dog to behave appropriately. But shock stimulation doesn’t have to be sharp and painful. It can be blunt shock like that delivered by an e-collar.

It is worth saying that if you feel very strongly about using a shock collar, you can opt for other training modes like vibration or beeps and tones. Most professionals recommend using vibrations and tones if you are training an obedient dog rather than using shock training. They recommend only using shock stimulation to reinforce already learned behavior when your dog directly disobeys a command.

Shock stimulation works on huskies with stubborn behavior because the pain is a major deterrent of bad behavior. However, Huskies love to run and so a dog harness, leash, or a large enclosure may work better for this breed.

Siberian husky playing in the garden

Which is the best training collar for a Siberian Husky?

This depends largely on the temperament of the dog and also on the environment. An electric shock from an e-collar is just as effective as vibrating collars but each of the modes works better in different settings. The most important thing is to make sure that you choose a collar that does not hurt your dog. For example, if your dog is sensitive around the head and neck area, putting on the head or martingale collar can be just as distressing to them as using shock stimulation.

However, some of the collars that professionals discourage include prong collars that tend to bite into the flesh of the dog before they deliver the shock.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to dog training collars. You have to find the collar that works best for your dog and use that.

What are the common behavioral problems to expect with Huskies?

Siberian Huskies are lovable dogs with a friendly, approachable personality. They are not prone to barking but they love to howl. However, the areas they need training with most include:


Siberian Huskies love freedom because they love to run and play so they do not do very well in confined spaces. You have to train them to live and thrive in a confined space. If you have a yard your husky may always be trying to get out, so they dig along the fences all the time. An e-collar can help to keep them away from the fence and train them to associate the fence or digging with pain.


Howling siberian huskies

Some dogs howl to bark, especially if they live in a multi-pet household. An anti-barking training collar features a device to correct the dog every time they howl. A sensor identifies the dog’s specific howl and the collar delivers a shock to correct their behavior. However, anti-barking collars are different from general training collars.

Can I use the same training collar for an adult and puppy husky?

Yes, you can. Most collars are usable during all stages of life. That is why they are available in different neck sizes. However, always make sure that the collar you use has multiple stimulation modes so that you can use the least stimulation for younger dogs. When using a training dog collar, remember to make sure that you are not hurting the dog. If your dog is hurt or shows extreme fear of the collar like cowering or whimpering, stop using it immediately or revert to a less stressful mode.

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