Aiden from DogBlow

Hi there, my name is Aiden and I’m the founder and head dog groomer at FurDooz!

I’ve always loved dogs, since my parents first let my sister and I have a labrador when we were kids. Oreo is sadly no longer with us, but I have been so fortunate to have always had dogs in my life.

In more recent years, since meeting my now wife, Helen, I’ve had furry pals with greater grooming challenges. Our adorable cocker spaniel, Brandy, was our first muse.

The real challenge came with Houdini, our escape-artist Husky. He’s such an intelligent, proud and (at times) frustrating companion! It was a big shock the first time I saw ‘coat blow’ for real – literally bags full of fur! I honestly thought he was going to be bald, but sure enough, there was a second coat under there. The real challenge is ‘managing’ him at grooming time, and that’s when our grooming skills really started to grow.

Grooming Challenge Husky

Since then, we’ve made a part-time business out of mobile dog grooming. It certainly hasn’t made us enough to retire on just yet, but we love meeting new people and their adorable dogs!

I originally created this site to share the knowledge we picked up along the way in our dog grooming journey. But, as you probably know, dogs become an all-encompassing part of your life! So, we have lots more to talk about, apart from grooming tips an product guides.

I hope you find the info useful here, and please get in touch if you have suggestions for other things I should write about!

– Aiden