Best Outdoor Dog Beds 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Outdoor Dog Beds 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Taking care of a living being is not an easy task. It requires a lot of attention and care from your end. Most people today have pets in their house as their companions. A majority of them are dogs. If you are a dog owner, you know how much a dog loves to play outside and sometimes also laze around in outdoor settings. This love of dogs calls for the special attention of their owners towards the need of best outdoor dog beds.

Best Outdoor Dog Beds Reviews 2024

As a dog owner, I always look for the best for my dog. I have analyzed hundreds of best outdoor dog bed reviews to find the perfect one for my dog. There are several outdoor pet beds in the market that are distinguished from others based on their features, style, the purpose served and quality. Some of my personal favorite outdoor dog furniture are listed below.

K&H Outdoor Heated Bed with FREE Cover
K&H Outdoor Heated Bed with FREE Cover
Made of orthopedic foam and is patented by Lectro-Soft.

For pet owners living in colder regions, it can be a cause for concern if their pets liked outdoors more than indoors. Providing with an outdoor pet bed that keeps them warm during those winter months stay at the top of their priority list.

The Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed is one of the most popular choices to resolve this issue. It is an orthopedic foam bed which is inspired by the award-winning Lectro-Kennel that has been in the markets for over 30 years now.

It is special because it is the only soft outdoor heated dog bed that is made of orthopedic foam and is patented by Lectro-Soft. Not only this, but it has got all the amazing features that were present in Lectro-Kennel but it is a better choice.

This is because the PVC material used to make the bed is extremely soft, waterproof and highly durable. Due to this, it gives more placement and transportation options to the owners while the pet enjoys added comfort levels. You can be sure about your pet’s safety on this as the 5.5-foot cord is steel wrapped.

An energy efficient and thermostatically controlled heart is used in Lectro-Soft. This heater is specially designed to avoid heating of the beds more than the body temperature of the pet. It manages to keep the heating just ideal whether the bed is placed indoors or outdoors with temperatures as low as 20 degrees making them the perfect outdoor dog beds for winters.

The package is inclusive of a super-soft, removable fleece cover that keeps the pets warm and comfortable. It is also machine washable making it easier for the pet owners to keep the dog beds clean. Amazon also makes available replacement covers.

Cleaning the covers is super easy. It just requires you to clean it with a damp rag and then let it dry before plugging it back in. For more clean bed, just toss the fleece cover in the washing machine.

BIRDROCK HOME Elevated Pet Bed
BIRDROCK HOME Elevated Pet Bed
Keeps the dog away from the floor and allows for a circulation of air beneath the dogs.

The next option is the perfect solution for those summer months. This outdoor dog cot helps in keeping the dogs away from the heat in a comfortable manner. The elevated outdoor dog bed keeps the dog away from the floor and allows for a circulation of air beneath the dogs. The breathable mesh covers give a progressive to the air to keep the dogs cool.

BIRDROCK HOME Elevated Pet Bed gives adds to the comfort of your dog and you by keeping the dog clean by holding them away from filthy floors. This means fewer bathing sessions. Also, the dog is protected from bugs and insects that usually crawl around on the garden floors.

These cheap outdoor dog beds serve as a long-term investment for your pet. The strong 600D polyester material is used to make the top covers in combination with steel frame e and PVC legs. The cot is capable of holding dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. It can be used as an outdoor dog bed for large dogs.

The medium and large sized cots have added support of a middle beam to hold dogs. Non-skid rubber feet are used in the PVC legs that safeguard the floors from scratches. The dimensions of the cot are 36″L x 30″W x 7.5″ in height and 6.5 LBS in weight that makes it perfect for big dogs too.

The maintenance of this cot is also super easy. The cleaning process just requires a wet cloth and soap. Scrub the dirty covers with soap and wipe it off with a wet cloth. Then just let it dry.

Giantex Elevated Pet Bed For Large Dogs
Giantex Elevated Pet Bed For Large Dogs
The surface material is made up of textile that doesn’t age with time and is age resistant.

Giantex Elevated Pet Bed For Large Dogs is another option for elevated dog beds. The outdoor dog pad is reliable in terms of keeping your dogs away from the filth and creatures of the floors. The elevated nature will allow the dogs to enjoy their time outdoors without being too heated up or cooled by the temperatures of the floors.

This one is different from the previous one as the material used to make this cot is high quality textile. The surface material is made up of textile that doesn’t age with time and is age resistant. It is also uvioresistent and waterproof in nature. The smooth surface also provides oil proofing decreasing the chances of stains.

The material keeps the dogs cool and refreshed and is also very easy to clean and the structure of the cot is designed according to scientific principles. High quality iron wire is connected using high-end procedures that add up to the durability of the cot making it a solid option for pets. The structure is built so strongly that it is capable of holding a playing cat on it.

The product comes with a manual that has clear and comprehensible instructions and illustrations, guiding the owner at every step of assembly. There is a code assigned to every pin and screw making the assembly process all the more easy, hence, saving the buyer’s time and energy.

The stable structure of the bed owes its durability to the high-quality textile and strong iron pipes used in the manufacturing of the process. The added resilience is due to the implication of scientific principles that goes into its making. The structure is sturdy enough to hold a dog weighing 88lbs.

What’s the best thing is the company provides 1005 satisfaction guarantee to its customers. Which means, in case of any problem, the company will extend its full support.

Bombala Sleeping Bag for Pets
Bombala Sleeping Bag for Pets
Made up of soft fabric in addition to the fashionable and high-ended Polaris fabric.

This option is for people who want an outdoor pet bed with a canopy. The pet tent keeps the pets warm in winters. It is designed for both, dogs and cats alike. The outdoor dog bed with shade doesn’t allow wind to pass through it. The windproof technology keeps the pets warm in winter months.

Bombala Sleeping Bag for Pets is perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. The sleeping bag is made up of soft fabric in addition to the fashionable and high-ended Polaris fabric. The specialty of this fabric is that it aids in the sleeping of pets because the fabric is so soft, it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Even the pets are attracted to this bag because of its creative design of slipper on the tent’s ceiling. This design is attractive to the pet’s eyes and hence will draw them to their bed more. Adding to this is the quality of the sleeping bag that gives a warm and secure feeling to the pet. All of it in conjunction emits a homely feeling for the pet that helps in keeping them to their bed more often.

The kennel mat of this outdoor pet bed is very easy to wash either by hand or in the machine. This is the perfect choice for people looking for outdoor dog bed for small dogs. However, for people who own dogs falling in the bigger categories, this bed might not fit your needs.
The sleeping bags are foldable for easy storage. The dimensions of the pet bed is 50*40*30cm (19.6*15.7*11.8in) so bigger dogs won’t fit. It is best for cats which wigh under 15 pounds and dogs which weigh less than 10 pounds.

Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool
Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool
An easily foldable pool made with extra tough PVC material.

The FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool/Bathing Tub has the perfect outdoor dog furniture that can serve multiple purposes. The outdoor dog pool by them is an easily foldable pool made with extra tough PVC material. It is this which makes it different from those baby pools that we usually find in markets. The tough material makes sure that the pool is not damaged or punctured by the sharp nails or teeth of the dogs.

It is also a perfect fit for large dogs because the pool has a good depth of 12” and a width of 50”. This means it can accommodate more than one dog as well and soak them while sitting, standing or lying down. If you want to enjoy your dog then it allows you to take a dip too.

The other good thing about this pool that I personally like is that it doesn’t have a geographically confined usage. It can be easily folded and carried to any location you want. Just prop it up and fill it with water when you want to use it. It doesn’t even require you to pump air into it.

When you want to take it down or when the water is dirty, simply open the drain hose and let the water out. It also has paneled segments that allow compact storage in cupboards or under the beds. However, it is advisable to use a sturdy material underneath it, like a tarp, in case you plan to use it on a rough surface.

It gives you the added benefit of being used as a fish pool, dog bathtub, miniature pool, or front pool. It depends on your imagination and creativity that how you’ll use it.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Dog Beds?

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Dog Beds_

Before you set out to shop for your pets to buy them a perfect bed, keep certain things in mind to get the best outdoor dog bed for them.

Determine the Size of Your Pet

The first thing you want to check before buying any bed for your pet is the weight and size of your pet. Use a measuring tape to measure your dog from its nose to its tail. This thing will be helpful to get a bed which would be big enough to accommodate your pet when it is completely stretched out when he or she lounges. If your pet belongs to the category of pets who like the feeling of being cradled, then opt of beds which are smaller in sizes and rounded in shape.

Some pet beds mention the weight they are able to carry. Refer to those when buying them to be sure f it’ll be able to handle your dog’s weight or not. For e.g., heavier dogs require thick ad dense cushion because they are capable of flattening out thinner cushions with their body weight.

Identify the Features of Your Pet’s Bed

Determine the needs of your dog before purchasing any bed. For e.g., if your dog is a patient of arthritis then memory foam or thicker bedding will be the most comfortable for him.

For pets like hairless cats, petite short-haired dogs or aging pets, with a tendency of getting cold very easily, heated beds are the best bet. Dogs who like to crawl underneath covers and keep themselves in secluded areas may enjoy covered outdoor dog beds.
Being aware of the needs of your pet is the most important before buying anything for them. The first priority is to keep them feeling safe and comfortable in their abode.

Choose a Color and Style

Color and Style - Best Outdoor Dog Beds

According to the area in which the pet bed is supposed to be placed, determine the color and style that’ll best go with its surroundings. Dog furniture is a part of your own house furniture. You may like to go for a red colored dog bed to match your red colored sofa or you might want to opt for a printed pet bed to contrast with your otherwise white surroundings.

For outdoor dog furniture, you will prefer going for colors that don’t get dirty easily to minimize the washing task and its dirty appearance.

If your pet has a liking towards a certain color, keep that in mind before buying a bed for him.

Washing Instructions of the Pet Bed

Outdoor pet beds are bound to get dirty easily and will definitely require regular washing. It is very much essential to analyze the washing and cleaning instructions mentioned on the dog beds. You don’t wish to hand wash the bed every week that might take a lot of hours in the first place.

Check for beds that are machine washable. It is even better to purchase outdoor dog loungers and outdoor dog mattresses that have an exterior cover. That way you can wash the cover once a week and the entire bed once a month.

Weather Conditions

If you want to buy the best outdoor dog bed then taking into account the dominant weather conditions in your city is extremely important. This is because you want to buy a pet bed that keeps your pet comfortable in outdoor settings.

If the weather is mostly cold, buy a heated outdoor dog bed to keep the dog feeling warm. In circumstances where the city experiences most summer months, then an elevated outdoor dog bed will do the job. These beds keep the pets cool by keeping them away from the ground and allowing air circulation beneath them.

You can’t control the temperature outdoors but you can control the temperatures your dog will experience while relaxing on his bed.


Your dog is your family member that cannot speak for himself or convey his feelings of comfort or discomfort. It is you as his owner who gets to decide what is best for your dog. Taking into account the habits and physical conditions of your dog, you can choose the best outdoor dog beds that’ll make him feel comfortable and thank you for taking care of him.

It is not tough to be considerate about the needs of your dog and provide him with things that he’ll love.

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