Petsmile Toothpaste Reviews

Petsmile Toothpaste Reviews – Unbiased Guide to Professional Dog Toothpaste

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The Petsmile brand has been around for years. And during that period it has seriously contributed to the health of dogs and cats teeth.

The hero of their story is Calprox, a breakthrough ingredient.

You DON’T have to memorize it (even though it rolls off the tongue quite easily.) But what you need to know is that this ingredient is super efficient in cleaning cat and dog teeth, with or without brushing.

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The Vets Say “YAY” – Veterinary Approved Toothpaste

Petsmile professional Dog Toothpaste is the ONLY dog toothpaste approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) to be efficient in the inhibition of plaque.

 The VOHC only append their registered seal on products that help fight tartar and plaque on animals’ teeth.

In other words, they won’t say “yay” to just about any product that comes their way. To deserve a place in their Hall of Honor, a product needs to do what it says it does.

But let’s see why they decided to approve it.

The organization approves the Petsmile Professional Dog toothpaste because of the effective action on canine and feline teeth.  They subjected this toothpaste to three independent clinical studies to prove its efficacy before getting the seal of approval from VOHC.

But before we dig in deeper, a little bit of background wouldn’t hurt.

This toothpaste is the brainchild of Dr. Irwin Smigel.

It probably doesn’t ring any bells, but Dr. Smigel is fondly referred to as the father of aesthetic dentistry. He believed that just like human beings love a clean, white smile, dogs and cats should enjoy the same level of oral health and care. His belief in this was so strong that he launched the Petsmile brand. This brand caters to the dental needs of canine and feline companions.

How Does Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste Work?

Petsmile Toothpaste Reviews

The toothpaste contains Petsmile’s proprietary formula, Calprox, which is a mixture of Calcium Peroxide and essential minerals. The formula gently dissolves the bio-film made of protein pellicle that coats the outside of the dog’s teeth when they are not clean. This bio-film remineralizes the teeth and acts as an adhesive for plaque and tartar buildup. As a result issues like tooth decay and gum disease occur.

Calprox stops the remineralization of the teeth by bonding to the enamel and dissolving the bio-film. As a result, the tooth is prevented from developing cavities. Calprox is not abrasive.

What to Expect with Petsmile Dog Toothpaste


This vet-recommended dog toothpaste comes in two flavors: London Broil beef and rotisserie chicken. And as the flavors suggest they are meat-based.

In other words, your doggo is likely to actually ENJOY their new hygienic routine. They would certainly hate the minty taste of human toothpaste, even if it weren’t dangerous for them.


The toothpaste comes in two sizes. You can buy the 4.5-ounce tube or the 2.5-ounce tube. However, the chicken rotisserie flavor only comes in large size of 4.5 oz. 

The London Broil Beef flavor comes in both 4.5- and 2.5-ounce tubes. The good news is that both sizes are portable so you can easily travel with them.


The toothpaste is super effective in preventing the build-up of tartar and plaque. The ingredients also help prevent cavities, gingivitis and protect the dog from receding gums. 

Receding gums is a sign of a more sinister dental condition in dogs known as periodontal disease. Periodontitis is that nasty,an irreversible condition that leads to tooth loss, painful abscesses, and loosening of teeth.

An abscess left untreated can lead to an infection in the bloodstream that may cause your pet to become sick or even die. Unfortunately, dental conditions like periodontitis can go undetected for long and result in canine fatality. But cleaning your dog’s teeth with Petsmile’s dog toothpaste leaves your dog with healthy teeth and gums preventing the development of this disease.


You also have the option of buying the toothpaste with a Petsmile professional pet toothbrush.

 This toothbrush features a patented 45-degree, dual-ended brush. That means that you have a toothbrush head on each end of the toothbrush. The 45-degree angle allows you to reach the hidden areas in the dog’s mouth.

This is an especially helpful toothbrush design when you are brushing the mouths of severely and moderately brachycephalic (short-headed) dog breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs, Spaniels, Yorkies, and Shi Tzus among others. That is because their teeth tend to be overcrowded creating nooks and crannies where food and other debris can hide and cause dental havoc.

Also available are the Petsmile applicator swabs. The applicator swabs work well for dogs that are averse to having toothbrushes in their mouth.

Because Petsmile professional dog toothpaste doesn’t require brushing, you can use the applicator to apply the toothpaste onto the dog’s teeth without distressing your furry toothbrush hater.

The applicator features an elongated wand with an ultra-soft tip applicator. It is long enough to allow you to access the harder-to-reach places.

The best part is that it is reusable and is ideal for use on all breeds and sizes of dogs. But you must ensure that you rinse it properly after every use to keep it hygienic.

Calprox Based versus Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

petsmile dog toothpaste

Petsmile professional dog toothpaste is always competing with other dog toothpaste brands that feature enzymatic action. The primary difference that sets Petsmile’s toothpaste apart is the use of Calprox, their proprietary breakthrough formula.

Calprox eliminates the need to use enzymes and other ingredients like abrasive silica. Toothpaste like VIRBAC C.E.T enzymatic toothpaste features an enzymatic system that breaks down the existing plaque and tartar while also protecting the teeth from recurring build-up.

The enzymes are types of proteins. They also break down the bacteria and food particles in the dog’s mouth. As a result, the food particles and bacteria are not able to settle on the dog’s teeth to form the bio-film that remineralizes the teeth, causes gum disease, or turns into plaque.

Many veterinarians in the United States also recommend using VIRBAC C.E.T enzymatic toothpaste because it is effective for oral canine health. However, most enzymatic dog kinds of toothpastes require brushing, while Petsmile’s Calprox based toothpaste can clean a dog’s teeth without brushing.

So, that’s a clear advantage, as your dog would agree!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you do not clean a dog’s teeth?

They are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease.

This is a serious dental disease that makes dogs susceptible to tooth damage and loss, gum disease, and the dangerous flow of harmful bacteria into the bloodstream.

The good news is that with options like Petsmile Professional Dog toothpaste, you can apply the toothpaste to the teeth and… that’s it!

The toothpaste takes care of the rest. Cleaning your dog’s teeth doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, battle of wills affair. Applying the toothpaste twice to thrice a week is enough to keep your dog in good oral health.

If Fido doesn’t mind, make toothbrush time a breeze as shown in the video below!

What is ProDen PlaqueOff?

This is an oral dental care product from Sweden that is trusted and proven by veterinarians to work on plaque and tartar. It is made from specially selected algae from specific regions in the North Atlantic.

ProDen PlaqueOff is popular because it is a natural food supplement free of additives, gluten, sugar, or artificial preservatives.

ProDen PlaqueOff is excellent for complementing your dog’s toothpaste’s action. While toothpaste works on the surface of the dog’s teeth, ProDen PlaqueOff works through the animal’s bloodstream. It comes in granulated powder form, which is added to the dog’s food. 

Once swallowed, it begins to work slowly and gradually but effectively. Because of its slow but systematic action, it is the appropriate complement to your efforts to clean your dog’s teeth with Petsmile toothpaste.

Is Petsmile safe for Dogs?

The clinical studies carried out on the toothpaste were satisfactory enough to convince the Veterinary Oral Health Council that Petsmile Professional Dog toothpaste IS safe.

Dog owners have also had no problems with this toothpaste when it comes to safety standards.

Final Thoughts

The kind of dog toothpaste you choose for your dog should ensure complete care of the teeth, gums, breath, and tongue. And Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste does just that making it highly recommended by vets and dog owners alike.

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